15 Controversial Stories From Reddit That Split The Crowd (2024)

  • 1. How They Reacted To Their Fiancé Surprising Them With “Their” Dream House

    Posted on Reddit byu/sirens112:

    I’m not sure if I’m the world’s most ungrateful person right now or not so…

    My fiancé and I are getting married soon. The plan was that once we get married, I would move in with him and then when we were ready to start a family we would buy a house together.

    I guess he changed his mind because he surprised me with “our” dream house. The house is beautiful and if we had house hunted together I think I would’ve fallen in love with it. However, I was so upset we wouldn’t be able to pick our forever home together that I just started crying when he told me. I didn’t know how to explain my reaction and I could see I had upset him so I asked him to take me home.

    When I got home my family asked me what happened and I explained. They were all very upset with me and said my reaction was bad and that I should’ve been happy he had bought us a house. They told me to call him and apologise. I didn’t, I just went to sleep early.

    This happened on Sunday and I finally called him yesterday. He sounded upset with me, I’m not sure if it’s because of my reaction or because I never called or texted him sooner after what happened.


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  • 2. Leaving A Bad Review On A Diner And Ruining The Waitress' Life Just Because She Was "Complementing" Her Husband's Eyes?

    Posted on Reddit byu/throwraWaitress109:

    My f33 husband's m30 birthday was several days ago, we decided to go celebrate at a new diner and invited my inlaws to join us.

    Throughtout the entire celebration, this 20ish waitress who served our table kept acting strange, she didn't take her eyes off my husband and threw some inappropriate comments at him and infront of us as she came and went.

    I was feeling uncomfortable, but decided to not make a scene hoping she'd stop but when she brought the drinks, She puts them on the table, leans close enough towards my husband thinking no one would hear but we heard what she said and it was "the sparkle of those eyes is igniting me!" (PS my husband has electric-blue eyes). I was flabergasted, truly! I couldn't believe she just said that!

    I told her "you know what? You're being inappropriate right now, and you need to stop". She then smug smiled then turned around and walked away. I got weird looks from my inlaws and it was AWEFUL.

    I got home and left a very bad review on the diner, the next day I'm contacted by the manager asking me to specify the bad experience I had at their diner and I tell him. He then calls back and tells me their business is new and this kind of reviews might harm their reputation, then asks what it'd take for me to take it down. I tell him some consequences to the waitress. He calls back to tell me he just fired her but before I take down the review, I'm contacted by the waitress on my SM telling me that she didn't mean to cause disturbance and was just "complimenting" my husband's eyes, but I ruined her career and caused her to potentially lose her apartment and become homeless after getting fired from the diner and being unable to pay rent. I don't respond but my inlaws point out that I overreacted and this stuff happen too often at diners and I just caused irreparable damage to this young lady's life over "nothing". Also MIL said that I must've done this because I felt jealous of the waitress.


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  • 3. Changing How They Book A Customer That Stopped Tipping Them

    Posted on Reddit by u/Chronic_Cat_Petter:

    I'm a dog bather in a corporate salon and I make 11$ hourly, plus usually like 10-25$ a week in tips. I have a regular who has a few MASSIVE Pyrenees akitas (130 pounds each) and she gets a full deshed on all of them, they typically take the entire day to do and they SEVERELY clog up my schedule because we technically are not supposed to book them together. However I always happily take them because their owner compensates me for my work since corporate can't be f*cked to do it. She typically tips 40$ per dog.

    Lately she has stopped tipping at all despite always saying she's very happy with the results and I get it, I really do, prices are going up everywhere and the economy is sh*t right now. Because of this, I made a note for myself and the other groomers to change how we book her, I planned to start taking one of her dogs a day and booking out a little bit farther than she typically does so we can plan the entire week around these dogs. If she can't do this, then I think I'll have to tell her that it's the only way from now on and shell pretty much have to take it or leave it because of how much of a strain it is on us. It's more inconvenient for her but if I'm not being compensated either by her or the company for how much physical labor these dogs are, then I feel like I should get to make that decision (and the rest of the salon staff is almost 100% in agreement with this, just one person isn't sure). Well, my family disagrees... I was talking about work with my parents and they both feel that I am being completely unfair to the customer and said that I shouldn't make ANY decisions based off of tips. My mom is a formal mobile groomer and has more experience in this industry than I do, she said that I should continue to let the customer bring them all in at once because if I can physically handle it when I'm being tipped, then I can physically handle it when I'm not being tipped. Changing things might deter the customer from coming back and that will be bad for business since she is one of the highest paying customers we have at our location.

    I'm torn because when I say it out loud I do feel like I sound greedy, but when I do the math I feel justified. The company charges this customer over 100$ per dog for our services. Because I only make hourly, after taxes and without tips, I see about 15$ per dog regardless of breed or what service they get. I'd happily bathe a chihuahua for that price, but not a Pyrenees akita...

    Edit: explaining the math a little more since its vague and see where there might be confusion: I get 11$ hourly and work 7.5 hours 5 days a week, so about 82$ a day before tax. Excluding tips and accounting for tax, it's close to 77$ a day and I typically do 5 dogs a day. Regardless of how long it takes and regardless of breed or service, it comes out to be 15.4$ per dog I do IF I hit that 5 dog mark which I do almost every day.

    Also, despite the changing her booking, I do very much like this customer and greatly appreciate how much she takes care of her dogs.

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  • 4. Not Wanting To Pump The Gas In Their Girlfriends Car

    Posted on Reddit byu/Real_Ad_3881:

    My [22 M] girlfriend [22 F] just got a car a few weeks ago that she’s really excited about. It's her first car and I always drove us around before. So last weekend we had tickets to this show and she wanted to drive her car there. On the way she stopped to get gas. When she drove up to a pump, she gave me her debit card and asked me to put $50 worth of gas in her car. I was a bit confused since. It was her car and she was driving. I told her light heartedly that she was a grown woman and she was capable of pumping gas. She glared at me like I was crazy and asked if I was serious. She started saying her mom has never filled the gas when her dad was in the car and when her brother became a teenager he started filling the gas for their mom. She insisted that she wasn’t going to pump gas in a dress at night when I was in the car.

    After a little back and forth I gave in and pumped the gas but she was pretty annoyed at me for “making it a big deal.” I was a little annoyed because it just seemed a bit entitled? idk. I was mostly raised by a single mom so I can’t speak much to that but neither of us usually subscribe to strict gender roles with most things.

    She brought it up again randomly the next day when were cooking at my house. She said she asked her parents about it and they said she was right. TBH I didn’t really feel like taking about it again but I was being stupidly stubborn and didn’t want to give in. I mentioned that parents were 50 years old and that her mom was a stay at home mom and it’s silly to compare. She told me “not to be the guy that uses feminism as an excuse to be a sh*tty boyfriend” and that her 25 year old brother also agreed. TBH I was a little startled that she apparently tells her family every minor disagreement we have

    This whole thing has been pretty ridiculous but this is my first serious relationship and after googling it, it seems there is mixed perspective. Am I the a**hole?

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  • 5. Being Mad At Their Girlfriend For Licking ALL The Oreos

    Posted on Reddit byu/lickernolicking:

    This is so stupid. We mostly get along great but this one issue is driving me f*cking crazy.

    Yesterday I went to get myself a couple of oreos and I noticed that they looked like they were taken apart and put back together. The cream was smeared/gone from a couple. My gf confirmed that she licked Every. Single. One. of them and put them back in the box. She kept saying "just eat your cholocate chips!" but that's not the point. It's not hygienic having licked food just laying around the house like that. It's just gross.

    Today she's doubling down. When the groceries came, she opened her chips in front of me, licked one of them all over, like just slobbered all over it, then put in back in the bag and shook it up. Now I can't eat any of them because I don't know which ones have spit on them.

    GF says I'm the AH for not letting this go, but I can't it's so gross.

    Edit: I just want to clarify a few things:

    They're not HER snacks. We pick our own snacks, but we pay for groceries together, so technically they're all OUR snacks.

    I usually try to eat the ones I picked first, but sometimes I run out, or get bored of the same thing. She's welcome to have mine if she wanted.

    She never finishes her snacks. She eats like a bird, while I work out and need a lot more calories. It makes no sense for her to hoard snacks that she will never finish before they go bad.

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  • 6. Making Their Girlfriend's Friends/Fam Pay To Use Their Boat

    Posted to Reddit byu/boatwoat12:

    So pretty much as the title says. I (28M) have been dating Taylor (26F) for 3 years. When we first started dating I was just starting my own business. I work in the construction field. Taylor’s friends constantly told her that she needed a guy who had a “real” job. Her family didn’t like what I did because at the time I wasn’t making tons of money. I won’t go into all the details but Taylor’s friends and family were definitely not supportive of me or my business when we started dating.

    Well Covid happened and my company actually blew up. Lots of people doing home updates. And because of this I’ve been blessed with enough extra money to finally have some fun after sacrificing for three years. So I decided to buy a boat. We live in a warm weather state so I thought why not. It’s been a blast. My friends and family love it. I take it out almost every weekend when I can. Taylor loves it too of course. But recently she’s been asking about bringing her friends. I originally told her straight up no. And she accepted that at first. But she’s kept pestering. Last week she asked if we could take the boat out for her dads (my biggest hater the whole time I started my business) birthday. I said that she could rent it. I told Taylor I would take out her family and friends out on the boat but they can pay a rental fee. And since none of them have the license to drive it. I’ll be the driver and they can pay me for that time.

    She got all upset saying how unfair that was. When I don’t make my friends and family pay. To which I pointed out, those are the people who supported me. So the people who supported me get free stuff. And those who didn’t, don’t. She’s calling me an AH for this. AITA?

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