27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (2024)

As 123 Movies is no longer available, you might try accessing its mirror sites to watch your favorite content. However, third parties control these mirror sites, which can expose you to malware and other online threats.

Instead, you should go for 123Movies alternatives, which we’ve thoroughly tested to ensure they are safe.

While most countries outlaw streaming and downloading copyrighted content, others permit it for personal use. So, check the regulations in your country before accessing websites like 123Movies to avoid falling on the wrong side of the law.

Top alternatives to 123movies – Quick list

Before looking at all 27 options in-depth, review our top 10 best 123Movies free online movie streaming sites:

  1. Netflix: Access your favorite movies and TV shows, including old and new releases.
  2. Hulu: Live streaming and on-demand streaming service.
  3. Amazon Prime: Unlimited streaming of premium multimedia content.
  4. Disney Plus: Exclusive broadcast service for Disney productions.
  5. Max: On-demand multicast service
  6. AZ Movies: Free online broadcast of multiple media content.
  7. MoviesJoy: Safe, legal, and free media streaming service.
  8. SubMovies: A near-perfect duplicate of 123Movies.
  9. FlixTor: Extensive library of movies and TV shows.
  10. SolarMovie: Wide range of movies of different genres.

Best 123Movies alternatives today – Detailed list

1. Netflix

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (1)

Our Rating



$6.99 per month

Supports multiple devices

Content varies based on location

Visit Netflix

Netflix would be the first choice for anyone seeking an alternative to 123Movies, thus making it the obvious top pick on this list. It is one of the most popular streaming websites with a vast network of movies, TV shows, and series you would enjoy. However, unlike 123 Movies, Netflix does not offer a free version. You must pay for a subscription before streaming any content on the website or app.

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (2)

While Netflix may have an expansive library of hit TV shows such as The Woman King and Giselda or evergreen series such as Wednesday and Harry Potter, some content is unavailable in specific locations. If Netflix has no license to stream original content in your location, it will withhold it.

The act of withholding content from a particular location is called geo-restriction. Due to this, users tend to look for top VPNs to unblock these restrictions to access content from wherever they are.

Also Read: How to bypass Netflix password sharing restrictions

2. Hulu

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (3)

Our Rating



Free and Paid ($7.99 per month)

Offers a free trial

Subscription costs are high

Visit Hulu

Hulu is one of the best 123Movies free online movie streaming sites that existed long before it. Launched in 2007, it has served as a substitute for cables in most households. Live TV and on-demand streaming services have been in users’ hearts for over a decade. The streaming network has less than 5,000 programs, but every single one is an excellent selection for streaming.

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (4)

Disney provides a bundle for subscribers to get Disney Plus and Hulu for $9.99 monthly. It is like a 3-in-1 bundle, but you should note that purchasing this bundle allows Hulu to display ads. Also, Hulu is only available in the US and some parts of Japan, so you will need a VPN to unblock that geo-restriction.

3. Amazon Prime Video

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (5)

Our Rating



$10.91 per month

Available on most devices

There are no free trials or versions

Visit Amazon Prime Video

For its price, Amazon Prime has different shows ranging from movies, series, documentaries, and even reality TV shows. It is a more affordable option than Netflix, so users opt for it and do not regret their decision.

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (6)

While there are no emerging blockbusters from Amazon Prime, it still needs to be reflected that it is an excellent platform hosting over ten thousand media content for its viewers.

4. Disney Plus

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (7)

Our Rating



$7.99 per month

Subscription plans are affordable

There are multiple disruptive ads

Visit Disney Plus

If you are a fan of Disney shows, Disney Plus has you covered. It hosts not just Disney shows but also content from Pixar and Marvel, including an all-time favorite show, Star Wars. Disney Plus also offers other content genres, such as the famous Black Panther, Soul, and Lion King.

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (8)

Disney Plus is home to cartoons and shows with nostalgic values and still hosts these shows. So, if you ever want to relive your childhood, feel free to stream them on the platform. Disney Plus is, however, unavailable in specific locations, so you must employ a VPN to circumvent any geo-restrictions first.

5. Max

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (9)

Our Rating



$9.99 per month

Showcases live news and sports

The free version does not support offline viewing

Visit Max

Formerly known as HBO Max, it is one the best websites like 123Movies, if you love any Warner Bros productions. Like Hulu, Max can be a cable network for homeowners or residents.

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (10)

Every program on Max is of standard quality, but like the others on this list, it is only available in selected regions worldwide.

6. AZ Movies

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (11)

Our Rating




User-friendly interface

Contains annoying ad placements

Visit AZ Movies

AZMovies offers an extensive list of blockbuster movies from the alphabets A to Z. You can search on the website to access various visual content to live stream or download. The site features recent film releases, too.

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (12)

It has an easy, user-friendly interface that makes it easy for you to navigate. The only downside to the website is that it showcases a lot of ads, which can be frustrating and make your experience less enjoyable.

If you must use AZ Movies, we recommend legally accessing it or using a VPN. With it, you can hide your identity and easily bypass any restrictions, resulting in a more pleasant experience on the website.

7. MoviesJoy

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (13)

Our Rating




Limited surfing options

Visit MoviesJoy

MoviesJoy is impressive for its lack of any ads on the website, and the fact that you can watch anything on it for free makes it even more impressive. The impeccable features don’t end there. With over 20,000 videos, MoviesJoy streams them all in HD quality.

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (14)

It is indeed a top 123 Movie alternative, but there is something you should know. While there are no pop-up ads, the site redirects you to unrelated sites whenever you click a prompt button.

8. SubsMovies

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (15)

Our Rating




Subtitles are available in multiple languages

Poor content quality

Visit SubsMovies

SubsMovies user interface is easily the simplest we have ever come across. Opening the site leads you straight to a grid showcasing different movies. Then, there is the menu with options to help you navigate the website.

This and many more reasons make it a near-perfect duplicate of 123Movies. On SubsMovies, you get to stream anything you like for free. From horror to thrillers to comedy and action movies. All of it.

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (16)

Also, if you ever need a site with subtitles in multiple languages, SubsMovies is your go-to. So, if you checked Netflix for a movie in a particular subtitle before, search for that same movie on SubsMovies. If the movie is on their website, you will find a subtitle in your preferred language.

9. FlixTor

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (17)

Our Rating




Broadcasts its content in HD

Unlicensed broadcasting platform

Visit FlixTor

FlixTor is famous for having the most extensive database of exciting movies, TV shows, series, and other visual content in their thousands. The platform offers great-quality content, all for free. However, it is an unlicensed platform, which is not allowed in some areas.

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (18)

If you are in a location with no laws against streaming content on unauthorized sites, you should utilize FlixTor. With its advantages also comes a disadvantage that we must mention. FlixTor displays multiple ads that can get very annoying and distracting.

10. SolarMovie

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (19)

Our Rating




Allows filtering

Pirated content

Visit SolarMovie

The first thing you notice when you visit the SolarMovie website is its easy-to-navigate interface. There is a prominent search bar where you can input the title of any movie you want to see, and it leads you to a different page, giving you options. Some menus allow you to choose what genre of movies and TV series you want to stream. It is an absolute delight!

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (20)

Every movie on the page has IMDb ratings at the top to help you filter out what shows are worth your time. That is if you consider ratings from other people to measure whether to watch a show.

We noticed that when you click on menu options, it redirects you to other sites, and you may have to click multiple times to get to your desired page.

11. SlingTV

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (21)

Our Rating



Free and Paid ($40 per month)

Allows a free trial

Only available in the US

Visit SlingTV

Aside from being the first app-based TV service that broadcasts live TV shows and movies for users, Sling TV is also an alternative for individuals seeking to cut cable TV costs. For $40 per month, they access an extensive network of TV channels, such as CNN, and televised shows in different genres.

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (22)

Sling TV is accessible only to US residents. However, there is a way for non-US residents to use Sling TV. Look for a top VPN with multiple viable US servers, connect to it, and you should be able to access the channel.

12. Amazon Freevee

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (23)

Our Rating



Free and Paid ($8.99 per month)

Contains authorized content

Has a small collection of shows

Visit Amazon Freevee

Amazon Freevee is the less affordable option of Amazon Prime. In April 2022, Amazon purchased the service IMBd TV, created a free version, and called it Amazon Freevee. The freevee almost sounds like “freebie” when you pronounce them.

So, if you want to know what purchasing an Amazon Prime subscription would be like, we suggest you try the Amazon Freevee service first. The content library on this website is small but contains award-winning movies nonetheless.

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (24)

The platform survives on ads so you will get more than a few on the website. Whatever the outcome is, you have to put up with it. Just allow it to pass or purchase a subscription plan on Amazon Prime and say your goodbyes to annoying ads.

13. Popcornflix

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (25)

Our Rating




Allows users to filter content

Limited content library

Visit Popcornflix

Many descriptions of Popcornflix we had seen always emphasized it being a streaming platform that showcased full-length movies for free. Visiting the website confirmed this.On Popcornflix, you can search for any movie; as long as it is in the database, you will find it.

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (26)

The website has an interface that makes it easier for you to navigate through pages. There is nothing too complicated about it. Also, for a platform supported by ads, there were minimal ad disruptions when we visited.

Since it is an unlicensed platform, you can use a VPN to bypass its geo-restrictions or altogether avoid using the platform.

14. MusicHQ

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (27)

Our Rating




Easy to navigate platform

Unlicensed streaming site

Visit MusicHQ

Despite what the name insinuates, MusicHQ is not a site for streaming music. It is a free online site that allows users to stream quality content wherever they are. To prevent buffering on its network, MusicHQ provides three server options that allow users to enjoy a fast streaming experience.

The platform has the latest films, such as The Beekeeper, Night Swim, Wish, and Ferrari. You get to stream all of these titles in HD, and we reiterate, for free, too! The website is easy to navigate, so you shouldn’t experience any difficulty.

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (28)

Navigating the website, be mindful of clicking on banner ads. Mistakenly clicking on any of them could lead you to harmful sites. For your online safety, consider using a VPN which covers your IP address to access this site.

15. Peaco*ck TV

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (29)

Our Rating



$5.99 per month

Contains authorized content

Available only to the US

Visit Peaco*ck TV

We were questioning why Peaco*ck TV’s colorful web page had an excellent touch to it, only for us to find out that it is a streaming service by NBC Universal! It is one of the world’s prominent media and entertainment companies. This means that everything you find on Peaco*ck TV you will enjoy.

Popular TV shows like Blocklist, Suits, The Office, and even Saturday Night Live are all on Peaco*ck TV. Fun fact: it used to be a completely free platform, but that changed a few years ago.

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (30)

The good news is that the subscription fee is affordable and goes for only $5.99 with ads and $11.99 without ads. As impressive as these features are, they are sadly only available in the US. You can utilize a VPN with US servers to access Peaco*ck TV and enjoy all its features.

16. SpaceMOV

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (31)

Our Rating




An extensive content database allows easy filtering

Illegal streaming

Visit SpaceMOV

With a comparable selection of features and content, SpaceMOV can be a good substitute for 123 Movie. Like 123Movies, it offers an extensive library of movies and TV series that appeal to various preferences and genres.

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (32)

SpaceMOV might be­ just for you if you have a tight budget. You can enjoy loads of e­ntertainment without spending a dime­. It has helpful tools like search and navigation. But, be­ careful! It has annoying pop-up ads, which could be risky.

17. Putlocker

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (33)

Our Rating




Allows content filtering

Disruptive ads

Visit PutlockerTV

Putlocker TV is an online streaming platform that offers users access to diverse content, including movies and television series. Its extensive collection covers multiple genres, including action, comedy, drama, and thriller.

The platform offers free streaming and does not need you to sign up or subscribe, which makes it an attractive choice if you are looking for cost-effective entertainment options. Its user-friendly interface promotes easy navigation and search options to help you find content quickly.

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (34)

Because it operates as an unlicensed platform, it may not function in specific countries. In some cases, your ISP blocks you from visiting the site. You need a good VPN service to access Putlocker TV with zero restrictions.

18. YesMovies

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (35)

Our Rating




Multiple filters and categories

The streaming quality is mostly 720p

Visit YesMovies

Out of curiosity, we visited YesMovies’ website to confirm the number of pirated shows it hosts. To our surprise, we saw content such as BlackBook, a copyright content by Netflix. The platform does not produce originals. It seeks a way to get copyrighted movie links and upload them on their websites.

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (36)

They are susceptible to shutting down whenever the government catches up with them. So, proceed with caution when downloading movies or series on the site. That aside, the website has a less complicated user interface. It also allows you to search for movies using categories and filters.

19. Zmovies

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (37)

Our Rating




Vast content library

Unauthorized streaming platform

Visit Zmovies

ZMovies is a streaming platform with content in multiple genres dating centuries back. To access this old content, you need to click or tap any of the dates on the first page. You will notice that clicking these buttons will redirect you to other sites. Well, it can be frustrating.

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (38)

20. GOKU

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (39)

Our Rating




Hosts Hollywood movies too

Unlicensed streaming

Visit GOKU

GOKU boasts over 250,000 visual content in its database, and accessing the website costs nothing, not even your personal information. The website is home to primarily animated and Bollywood movies and cartoons. But there are also Hollywood movies on the website too.

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (40)

As a plus to this website, we found that most of its content streams in HD. There were hardly any with low quality, except there was terrible service. Aside from that, it has excellent streaming capabilities.

21. 5Movies

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (41)

Our Rating




Availability of content filters

Only recent films and TV shows

Visit 5Movies

5Movies is one of the best free online streaming services for movies and TV shows. The website televises content across over 25 genres, with something for everyone to enjoy. Overall, the interface is simple to navigate, as multiple content filters help you decide what to watch.

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (42)

22. PrimeWire

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (43)

Our Rating




Large content library

Intrusive ads

Visit PrimeWire

Formerly known as LetMeWatchThis and 1Channel, PrimeWire, just like Putlocker TV and 123 Movies free, is a free online streaming platform. The platform creates free access to visual content you would otherwise pay for.

However, ISPs, local networks, and the government block PrimeWire in specific locations for security reasons, and because of these, hackers and other third parties have created pirated versions of PrimeWire.

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (44)

These mirror versions are everywhere on the internet; if you are not careful, you might fall victim to whatever scam they run. There are also frequent ad intrusions that might thwart your streaming experience.

23. Cineb

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (45)

Our Rating




Regular content library update

Unauthorized streaming site

Visit Cineb

Cineb is a top site for all things movies and TV shows. The website streams all its content in HD and is the go-to site for mostly Italian movies, but it has Hollywood movies sometimes. It is a free 123Movie alternative, so you would expect that there’ll be a lot of ads. But there are a few ad pop-ups! The platform is relatively new, so you should cut it slack whenever mishaps occur.

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (46)

24. Afdah

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (47)

Our Rating




Streams content in HD

Unlicensed streaming

Visit Afdah

Afdah is another prominent website that can serve as a website like 123Movies. It has an extensive content library with different genres inside of it. There are categories on the website that make it less challenging to maneuver its already tacky interface.

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (48)

Upon opening the website, there was a pop-up ad, and clicking on it to cancel caused a redirection. Even if the ads are minimal, they can interrupt your online experience. Clicking on ads by third parties can cause your device to be susceptible to malware and expose your data.

25. StreamM4u

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (49)

Our Rating




Zero pop-up ads

Tacky interface

Visit StreamM4u

When you visit a free site, you assume that things like pop-ups or banner ads are because you opted for a free version. While this is correct in most cases, it is different with StreamM4u. As a free website with a small range of visual content, there are zero ad pop-ups when you visit. However, banner ads are redirected to explicit content.

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (50)

26. Dotmovies

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (51)

Our Rating




Supports content filtering

Unlicensed streaming platform

Visit Dotmovies

Dotmovies is your go-to stop for mostly Bollywood movies and select Hollywood movies. It is a free website that allows streaming movies, series, and TV shows like 123 Movie. The content filter lets you search for the movie title, year, and genre.

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (52)

27. Popcorn Time

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (53)

Our Rating




Functions in multiple devices

Unlicensed content

Visit Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is a hybrid streaming service and BitTorrent client with an extensive collection of films and TV series for rapid streaming. It offers an extensive variety of entertainment without requiring you to host the content on your servers.

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (54)

It sets itself apart from conventional streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. As an alternative to 123Movies, Popcorn Time provides a more intuitive user interface and comprehensive content selection, frequently including new releases and specialized titles.

How do I get around 123Movies block?

123Movies free online movie streaming sites are illegal. So, your ISP and local network automatically place a ban that restricts you from accessing this site. Thereby improving your browsing experience. However, if you want to bypass 123Movies, there are two ways.

Connect to a VPN

A Virtual Private Network is the number one solution to get around 123Movies blocks. They function by providing you with a different IP address, affording you the luxury of being anonymous. Since 123Movies and its like are illegal or unauthorized sites, connecting to a VPN can help you acquire a new identity.

Use a mirror or proxy site

We have curated the best on the market for more mirror or proxy sites for 123Movies. These sites contain content and information you would normally see on 123Movies. So, rest knowing that whichever of these links you choose to stream movies on, you will enjoy them. These are the best proxy site alternatives for 123Movies:

  • https://la123movies.com/home/
  • https://ww3.123movies.com.pk/
  • https://0123moviesx.org/home/
  • https://ww2.w-123movies.com/
  • https://www1.123movies.domains/123movies
  • https://123moviesjr.cc/123movies
  • https://123movies-to.org/
  • https://ww15.0123movie.net/
  • https://ww2.123moviesfree.net/home/
  • https://uvu.movies123.studio/
  • https://wwv.123movieshub.com/
  • https://123moviesjr.cc/123movies
  • https://123moviesgo.work/

Utilize a VPN for 123Movies websites

Since 123Movies shut down its operations, there have been hundreds, if not thousands, of alternative sites for free and paid streaming. We have reviewed 27 of the best 123Movies alternatives and recommend using a VPN.

Most of them on our list are restricted to specific locations, so you need a VPN to change your IP address. When you do this, you can access content on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and all the other alternatives without geo-restrictions.

How do you stay safe when streaming on 123 Movies alternatives?

Here are helpful tips to stay safe when accessing sites like 123Movies.

  1. Avoid sharing personal details – Don’t share your personal data on free streaming websites, like name, location, or date of birth. This is like handing over your information to bad actors who can use it for malicious purposes like financial fraud, social engineering attacks, credential stuffing, etc.
  2. Be cautious with what you download – Most 123 Movies alternatives have a ‘Download Now’ button on ads. If you aren’t careful, you can download the wrong file or open a malicious ad.
  3. Install a reliable antivirus – A reliable antivirus will protect you against malware and viruses. Some programs have a real-time scanning feature that identifies and intercepts potential threats before they reach your device.
  4. Install an ad blocker – Most ads on free movie websites like 123Movies use tracking technologies to collect data about your online behavior. An ad blocker will prevent this, reducing third parties’ data about you.

Check user reviews – Check user reviews on online community forums like Reddit to determine the safety of the torrent movie website you want to use.


123Movies was a top source of entertainment for streaming enthusiasts. After it shut down, the fans were worried and looking for similar sites. Finding one that has the same features as 123Movies is difficult. Don’t worry; we have done this homework for you. So, when you look at all 27 alternatives on this list, we hope you select the best option and accompany it with a VPN for your safety.


123Movies shut down in 2018, so the first thing you must know is that whatever websites you see today claiming to be 123 Movies are mirror websites. Some might be secure, but others may contain ads and redirect links leading to the installation of malware on your device or data hacking.

If you reside in a country that does not prohibit streaming illegal content, there are typically no disadvantages to utilizing 123Movies. However, if you live in countries restricting illegal website streaming, you may face legal consequences if the regulation body finds out.

Legal streaming alternatives for 123Movies include Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Peaco*ck TV, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Sling TV, and YouTube TV. These services are primarily subscriptions, but they are affordable. Also, some may not be available in your country, but you can use a VPN to bypass geo restrictions and access any of them.

This depends on the laws and regulations in your country. Publishing and streaming pirated content is legal in countries like Poland and Spain. While in other countries like Egypt and most Arab countries, it is illegal. Subscribing to a VPN service might be the only way to access 123 Movie and some alternatives.

27 Best 123Movies Alternatives (Free and Paid) (2024)


What is the new domain for 123Movies? ›

The original name, and URL, was 123movies.to, which changed to other domains including 123movies.is before redirecting to gomovies.to and later gomovies.is.

What is the safe alternative to 123Movies? ›

A safer alternative is an option that is less hazardous for workers than the existing means of meeting that need.

Is 123Movies still working? ›

Does 123Movies still work? The original 123Movies isn't working and doesn't exist anymore. Soon after the MPAA investigation, 123Movies shut down in cooperation with Vietnamese authorities. But the brand was so popular at the time that other unofficial streaming websites started to use its name to promote themselves.

What happened to 123Movies in 2024? ›

123Movies is currently inaccessible on its original domain as it has been taken down. However, there are several proxy websites and similar sites using new domains.

Is Soap2Day safe? ›

Soap2Day was a free streaming site for movies and TV, but was shut down in June 2023. Some copycat sites have cropped up that also call themselves "Soap2Day," but use caution before clicking. These sites are usually safe in and of themselves, but may have malicious ads that can give you a virus if you click them.

What is the FMovies domain? ›

FMovies is a series of file streaming websites that host links and embedded videos, allowing users to stream or download movies for free. The sites have been subject to legal action in various jurisdictions on grounds of copyright infringement and piracy. FMovies. Type of site. Streaming media.

Is using 123Movies illegal? ›

123Movies and other similar pirate sites violate copyright laws and operate in a legal gray area or even illegally. Using such a site is illegal in many countries. This can cause law enforcement agencies and copyright holders to monitor and track you for legal repercussions.

What's up with 123Movies? ›

Called “the most popular illegal site in the world” by Jan van Voorn, executive vice president of the Motion Picture Association of America (now Motion Picture Association), 123Movies was estimated to have 98 million visitors a month before it was forced to shut down during a criminal investigation in March 2018.

What is the best safe free movie site? ›

Best free streaming sites for movies and shows: 10 services to...
  • Brollie. ...
  • Kanopy. ...
  • Kidoodle.TV. ...
  • European Film Gateway. ...
  • Internet Movie Archive. ...
  • Beamafilm. ...
  • NFSA. ...
  • Crunchyroll.
Apr 3, 2024

What is the legit 123Movies? ›

Does 123Movies Still Work? You can still watch 123Movies content through clones and mirror sites, but the official 123Movies no longer works as it was taken down by authorities due to copyright reasons. These 123Movies domains are run by third parties not affiliated with the original 123Movies.

What is the free unblocked movie website? ›

Below are serval unblocked movie sites to watch films online.
  • #1. 123Movies. 123Movies is an online movie site that lets you watch free unblocked movies and TV shows. ...
  • #2. GoMovies. GoMovies is one of the best free unblocked movie sites. ...
  • #3. FMovies. ...
  • #4. VexMovies. ...
  • #5. Popcornflix.
Mar 8, 2024

What's better than 123Movies? ›

15 Best 123movies Alternatives (Free & Paid Options)
  • Netflix. Netflix is a premium subscription and easily one of the best 123Movies alternatives. ...
  • Crackle. A 123Movies alternative site list would be incomplete without the best sites, like Crackle. ...
  • Amazon Prime. ...
  • Hulu. ...
  • Disney Plus. ...
  • Putlocker. ...
  • FMovies. ...
  • Flixtor.
May 24, 2024

Why has putlockers been shut down? ›

In May 2016, the website was blocked in the UK by a High Court order, and at its peak prior to a temporary closure in late 2016, Alexa Internet listed Putlocker as ranking among the top 250 most-visited websites worldwide. Putlocker has been reported by the Motion Picture Association (MPA) as a major piracy threat.

Is Goojara illegal? ›

Goojara is an online service that allows you to stream movies, episodes, and anime for free. People normally download movies on the site for offline viewing. The site has films and television shows from every corner of the world and is accessible without signing up. However, is not a legal site.

Did 123Movies get banned? ›

Does 123Movies Still Work? You can still watch 123Movies content through clones and mirror sites, but the official 123Movies no longer works as it was taken down by authorities due to copyright reasons. These 123Movies domains are run by third parties not affiliated with the original 123Movies.

Is 123Movies down? ›

123Movies was a popular platform to watch free movies online. Sadly, it was taken down in March 2018.

Is popcornflix safe? ›

While the shows themselves may be safe, some ads are what some would consider exremely inapprpriate.

What is the alternative to putlockers? ›

YesMovies: A slick user interface with very few ads. ZMovies: Lots of ads, but a varied library with extensive filters. 5Movies: A good Putlocker alternative for finding hidden gems. Netflix: Hugely popular movie streaming platform.

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