SoFi Stadium: Gate & Entrance Guide - Essential Tips for a Smooth Experience - The Stadiums Guide (2024)

As a sports or event enthusiast, I can’t help but be excited about SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. This state-of-the-art venue offers an extraordinary experience for guests attending games, concerts, or various entertainment events. To ensure a smooth visit, I’ve put together a handy guide about gates and entrances at SoFi Stadium that will help you navigate your way in and out with ease.

The first thing to note about SoFi Stadium is the importance of mobile ticketing. To make your entry as quick as possible, don’t forget to add your Ticketmaster ticket to your mobile wallet before arriving at the venue. This way, you’ll avoid any unnecessary delays or hassles as your ticket will be easily accessible on your smartphone.

As we explore this magnificent stadium, I’ll walk you through the key information you need to know about its various gates and entrances. With this guide by your side, you’ll be able to fully enjoy and appreciate the unforgettable experience that SoFi Stadium has to offer. Let’s dive in!

Table of Contents:

  • SoFi Stadium Overview
  • Gate Guide
  • Guide to Stadium Seating
  • Facilities
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Tips for an Enjoyable Experience

SoFi Stadium Overview

SoFi Stadium: Gate & Entrance Guide - Essential Tips for a Smooth Experience - The Stadiums Guide (1)

I recently visited SoFi Stadium, the exciting and new home of the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers. The stadium is an impressive architectural marvel with state-of-the-art facilities, and I’m here to give you a friendly guide on the gates and entrances at the stadium.

When you arrive at SoFi Stadium, you’ll find a variety of gate entrances, with specific VIP entry points for those holding special tickets. There are also designated entrances for ADA guests, ensuring a smooth experience for all visitors.

As for dining options, SoFi Stadium has a wide range of food offerings, catering to diverse tastes. They even have vegan and vegetarian options, family dining spots, and quick grab-and-go food stands. Renowned chefs Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo played a significant role in creating a fantastic culinary experience inside the stadium.

In order to make your experience even better, I recommend downloading the SoFi Stadium app. With this app, you can stay up-to-date on stadium policies, safety information, and more.

That’s a brief overview of what to expect at SoFi Stadium in terms of gates, entrances, and dining options. I hope you have a fantastic time watching your favorite sports teams or attending other events hosted at this impressive venue!

Gate Guide

Designated Entrances

SoFi Stadium has various entrance gates to make it easy for attendees to enter the venue. Some of these entrances include:

  • SoFi VIP Entrance: This entrance is dedicated to VIP guests. It provides an exclusive and comfortable entry experience for those with VIP tickets or passes.
  • Pechanga Resort Casino VIP Entrance: Another VIP entrance option, providing a smooth and efficient entry experience for VIP guests.
  • Ticketmaster VIP Entrance: This entrance caters to Ticketmaster VIP customers, allowing them to enter the stadium with ease.

It’s important to note that some entrances might be specific to certain ticket types or groups. Make sure to check your ticket or event information for details on which entrance you should use.

Opening Times

On event days, some SoFi Stadium Box Offices open 4 hours before the event start time for any event-day ticket assistance. The specific event’s opening times might vary, so it’s a good idea to double-check the event details or contact the venue prior to your arrival.

Security Checks

Safety is a top priority at SoFi Stadium, so be prepared for security checks upon entering. To ensure a smooth and quick process, follow these steps:

  1. Bring only necessary items: Carrying minimal belongings will help speed up the security screening process.
  2. Check prohibited items: Visit the SoFi Stadium website to view a list of items not allowed inside the stadium, such as large bags, selfie sticks, and weapons.
  3. Be ready for bag checks and metal detectors: Bags will be checked and guests will be required to pass through metal detectors to ensure the safety of all attendees.

Following these guidelines will help make your entry into SoFi Stadium a breeze, allowing you to enjoy your event without any added stress.

Guide to Stadium Seating

SoFi Stadium: Gate & Entrance Guide - Essential Tips for a Smooth Experience - The Stadiums Guide (2)

Basic Seating Information

At SoFi Stadium, I always appreciate the various seating options available to cater to different preferences and budgets. The stadium has multiple levels, with the lower level being closest to the field and the upper levels offering a birds-eye view of the action. There are also premium seating options like suites and club seats for those who want an enhanced experience.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the seating sections:

  • Lower Level (100s): These are the closest seats to the field, offering an immersive experience. I love sitting here to feel part of the action.
  • Mid-Level (200s-300s): I find these seats to be a nice balance between proximity to the field and affordability. They still offer a great view while being more budget-friendly.
  • Upper Level (400s): These are the highest seats in the stadium, and they offer an impressive birds-eye view. I enjoy sitting here to grasp the full scope of the game and watch the plays unfold.

Accessibility Seating

SoFi Stadium is committed to ensuring that all fans have a comfortable and enjoyable experience. I appreciate the fact that they offer accessible seating options for guests who require it. Wheelchair-accessible and semi-ambulatory seats are available throughout the stadium, across all price levels and sections. Companion seating is also provided so that I or any other guest with disabilities can enjoy the event with friends or family.

Keep in mind to check the stadium’s website or contact their guest services team if you need assistance with accessible seating options. They can help guide me through the process and ensure that I have all the necessary information and resources to enjoy my time at SoFi Stadium.


Restroom Locations

As a visitor, I’ve noticed that restrooms are conveniently located throughout SoFi Stadium. Both men’s and women’s facilities are available, ensuring that guests have easy access to a restroom no matter where they are seated in the stadium. There are also family restrooms, which cater to those attending events with young kids or visitors who need companion care.

Food and Beverage Areas

One of the highlights of my visit to SoFi Stadium is the variety of dining options available. The stadium partners with James Beard award-winning chefs, Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo, to create an exciting culinary experience. From vegan and vegetarian outlets to family dining and quick grab-and-go options, the stadium effortlessly represents Los Angeles’ diverse food culture. I recommend checking out their dining guide or downloading the SoFi Stadium app to explore their food offerings.

First Aid Stations

During my visit, I noticed first aid stations can be found across the stadium, providing assistance to guests in case of minor medical emergencies or first aid needs. These stations are staffed by trained medical professionals who are ready to address any health-related concerns during events. It definitely gives me an added sense of security knowing that help is nearby if needed.

Rules and Regulations

SoFi Stadium: Gate & Entrance Guide - Essential Tips for a Smooth Experience - The Stadiums Guide (3)

Bag Policy

At SoFi Stadium, the bag policy is designed to ensure the safety and comfort of all guests. The stadium has implemented a clear bag policy, which means only clear plastic bags, no larger than 12″x6″x12″, or a small clutch bag, no bigger than 4.5″x6.5″, will be allowed in. Any bags that do not meet these requirements will not be permitted, and this will ensure a more efficient entry process for everyone.

Prohibited Items

There are several items that are prohibited at SoFi Stadium to maintain a safe and enjoyable experience for all guests. Some of these items include:

  • Hard-sided coolers
  • Large umbrellas
  • Glass bottles
  • Laser pointers
  • Noisemakers
  • Banners or flags on poles
  • Commercial camera equipment, drones, or tripods

This list is not exhaustive, and more items may be restricted based on the specific event or at the discretion of stadium security personnel.

Re-Entry Policy

For the safety and security of all guests, SoFi Stadium enforces a strict no re-entry policy. Once you’ve left the stadium, you will not be allowed to re-enter on the same ticket. Please ensure you have everything you need before entering the stadium, and plan accordingly for your time inside.

I hope these guidelines help make your visit to SoFi Stadium enjoyable and worry-free!

Tips for an Enjoyable Experience

SoFi Stadium: Gate & Entrance Guide - Essential Tips for a Smooth Experience - The Stadiums Guide (4)

I always recommend to arrive early at SoFi Stadium to avoid traffic and to give yourself plenty of time to find your entrance and seats. This will allow you to enjoy the beautiful stadium and its surroundings with ease. Remember to bring your mobile ticket, which you can access and store on your mobile device via the SoFi Stadium app or Ticketmaster app.

When choosing where to sit, consider using a platform like Vivid Seats to get a preview of what your view from the seat will look like before purchasing your tickets. This can help you pick the perfect spot and maximize your overall experience.

Familiarize yourself with the stadium’s policies and level-by-level maps, which can be found on their website, to make your visit as seamless as possible. Don’t forget to check out the Parking & Transportation page for information on where to park and how to get to SoFi Stadium.

Once you’re at the stadium, explore the area and enjoy nearby attractions or pre-game activities. Try to find hidden gems and unique experiences to make your trip unforgettable.

Lastly, be mindful of the rules, including any bag policies and prohibited items. Following these guidelines will ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for you and your fellow fans. Just relax, be friendly, and have a fantastic time at SoFi Stadium!

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SoFi Stadium: Gate & Entrance Guide - Essential Tips for a Smooth Experience - The Stadiums Guide (2024)


What items can you bring into SoFi Stadium? ›

For all events at SoFi Stadium, permitted bags should be clear plastic, vinyl or PVC and cannot be bigger than 12" x 6" x 12”. Clear bags, backpacks and fanny packs will be permitted, but they must be completely clear (no tint, hologram, printed patterns, or stickers).

How early should I arrive at SoFi Stadium? ›

For concerts and non-NFL games, SoFi Stadium parking lots open 3 to 4 hours prior to event start time. Entry gates open 1-2 hours prior to event start time. Please plan on arriving as soon as parking gates open to avoid traffic delays.

Is it safe to walk from SoFi Stadium? ›

SoFi Stadium is one of the safer NFL venues both inside and in the surrounding neighborhoods, a conclusion drawn from a study of crime statistics and a poll of more than 3,000 fans by Sportsbook Review. Crimes in and around stadiums occur all too often, however.

Can you just walk into SoFi Stadium? ›

While walk-ins are possible, SoFi Stadium is a highly-visited attraction. Therefore, we recommend booking ahead to avoid disappointment on the day. SoFi Stadium is big. Real big.

Are water bottles allowed at SoFi? ›

SoFi Stadium will allow one factory sealed 20-ounce bottle of water per person into the stadium. One empty, reusable, non-metal bottle that is 20oz or less will be allowed per guest. Any other outside food and beverage is not permitted into SoFi Stadium.

Do I need a jacket in SoFi Stadium? ›

We attended the National Championship College Football game. The stadium is beautiful but be careful if it's raining. The rain blows into the stadium and the roof leaks.

Will you get wet at SoFi Stadium? ›

BUT, it is an open air stadium, so if it rains, people in the end zones will get wet. And if lightning is in the area, they have to stop the game.

Is SoFi Stadium covered or uncovered? ›

Design. SoFi Stadium was designed by HKS and consists of the stadium itself, a pedestrian plaza, and a performance venue. Above the stadium is an independently supported translucent canopy which covers the stadium proper, the adjacent pedestrian plaza, and the attached performance venue.

Is SoFi Stadium air conditioned? ›

Does SoFi Stadium have air conditioning? SoFi Stadium does not have air conditioning.

How do you order food at SoFi Stadium? ›

When inside SoFi Stadium, simply open the Uber Eats app, select the seating section that you're in, pick from the dining options you can order from then head to the concession stand when you receive a notification. Spend less time waiting in line and more time watching the action on the field.

What's the easiest way to get to SoFi Stadium? ›

Take Metro A Line (Blue) to Willowbrook/Rosa Parks station, and transfer to Metro C Line (Green) Line for five stops to Hawthorne/Lennox station. Take the SoFi Stadium Shuttle offered by LA Metro and arrive at the destination. Only offered for NFL Games. For all other events, utilize bus or ride-share connections.

Where is the best place to park when going to SoFi Stadium? ›

Inglewood Park & Go offers a convenient, affordable and safe parking option where you can find, reserve, and pay for parking spaces in advance of attending games, concerts and other events at SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park.

What can you bring into a stadium? ›

Small clutch bags, that do not exceed 4.5" x 6.5", with or without a handle or strap, may be carried into the stadium along with one of the clear bag options. Seat cushions that have no pockets, zippered compartments, or extra straps. Oversized bags cannot be placed in acceptable clear bags and will be denied entrance.

Are clear backpacks allowed in stadiums? ›

The NFL (whose rules many stadiums follow) allows any bags made of clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC that do not exceed 12 x 6 x 12 inches and don't have buckles, hardware, or decor — and the SEC follows similar rules.

Can you take a small purse into Dodgers stadium? ›


Bags, backpacks, beach bags, hard/soft coolers, large purses, etc. are no longer permitted. Only adult diaper bags, diaper bags that accompany infants, clear plastic bags smaller than 12”X12”X6”, and non-clear wristlets/clutches no larger than 5”x8”x2” are permitted and subject to search.

What can you carry into the Super Bowl? ›

Small clutch bags, 4.5” x 6.5”, with or without a handle or strap, can be taken into the park with one of the clear plastic bag options. An exception will be made for medically necessary items after thorough inspection at an entry designated for this purpose.

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